are we real?

7:01 am How real are we really?   Even though I’m laying here in bed, feeling the cold breeze on my face and my stomach growling with hunger, how do I know I’m real? I could be a figment of someone’s elaborate imagination or our lives could be entertainment to beings whose existence we can’t […]


Black I blink trying to get my eyes to adjust to the lack of light But I realised that nothing is happening I can’t see anything It’s all black Am I real? Is this happening? Are my eyes open? Or is it in my head while my eyes are actually closed? If that were true […]

It’s okay

It’s okay It’s okay if you do nothing with your life  It’s okay if you’re so painfully average  or below average for that matter   Because you’re not extraordinary, and that’s all that really counts  It’s okay if you waste your life away  It’s okay if don’t believe in anything   Except your incompetency  It’s […]


Inspired by the new vlogbrothers video, where Hank Green talked about numbers how we shouldn’t let them define us. He talked about easy it is to measure our worth by numbers everyday; our test scores, how much we earn, how much we weigh, or how long we can run. There’s so much more to us […]

last breath

What happens when you stop breathing? What happens when your heart stops pumping blood and your mind doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to function? What happens to you when you die?  Do you really see all of your life flash by you in mere seconds? Or is that a myth passed on by people […]

Dear 25 year old me

I’m about about to turn twenty and I have never been more scared of growing older tvhat I am right now. The twenties. We hear so much about them all the time. We hear about how this is the decade where you have to do things, go places, meet people, and get a good start on […]


I’m always looking for the next the next laughs the next tears the next high the next night I should stop and take in the present Breathe this second in and not wait to feel the next breath I will inhale but I don’t I should stop and be thankful and grateful for what this […]