Inspired by the new vlogbrothers video, where Hank Green talked about numbers how we shouldn’t let them define us.

He talked about easy it is to measure our worth by numbers everyday; our test scores, how much we earn, how much we weigh, or how long we can run.

There’s so much more to us than the elements that we can quantify and measure in numbers. And it’s these important values that people fail to look at, especially when judging themselves.

It’s easy to say that you’re so much that those numbers, but how do you get yourself to believe it when you have been judged by those very numbers countless times? Your grades or your height or your weight or the amount of money your parents earn, and eventually how much you earn. Maybe the judgements had been in your favour, maybe they hadn’t been. Either way, it’s hard to define your worth in other quantities than the ones you’ve grown up with.

This is when you should remember to find your worth in unquantifiable characteristics: the people around you. L The people who have stuck with you through everything. Your parents, friends, mentors, siblings. The ones who didn’t look at you different if you got a low grade or put on a few kilos. The ones you’ve loved you through it all. They show you that you’re worth more than just those numbers. They show you that they choose to be with you, consciously, because you’re kind, funny, sweet, stubborn, determined and so, so much more.

You are so much more than any piece of paper or scale.


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