Dear 25 year old me

I’m about about to turn twenty and I have never been more scared of growing older tvhat I am right now.
The twenties. We hear so much about them all the time. We hear about how this is the decade where you have to do things, go places, meet people, and get a good start on your career. “The youth” that will disappear once this decade is over and you enter your thirties, where the settling down is expected to begin.

I am afraid that I will waste this time. I am afraid that I will have no memories to look back on fondly of my twenties. I am afraid that I will be as lost as I am right now for the next ten years and that I will amount to nothing. I am afraid that I’ll end up doing nothing that make me so incredibly happy that I chase away the dementors by remembering that time.

I hope that half way through this period of that time that is supposed to be incredible, I would have found my way. I hope that I would have at least started on a path that seems right, even if it end up leading me to nowhere. Even a false sense of finding some direction would be better than being completely lost with nothing to do.

I hope that you laugh at the worries that plague me now, and that worse ones don’t haunt you. And even if they do, I hope you are meeting them head on and fighting through all the problems that you have.

I hope you make me proud.


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