I’m always looking for the next
the next laughs
the next tears
the next high
the next night
I should stop
and take in the present
Breathe this second in
and not wait to feel
the next breath
I will inhale
but I don’t

I should stop
and be thankful
and grateful for what
this moment holds
but all I can think about
is what I want the
next to be like

I should stop
and realise that
this could be the best
and that it may never
be better
but I don’t 

All I want is
the next moment
which will surely be
better, happier, fuller
than any moment I have
ever lived through

I try to reason with myself
try to tell that voice in my head
to live in the present,
to live in the now
I try to make that voice listen,
but she doesn’t


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