To: The Overwhelmed Teenager

To : You, the teenager who feels like the world is too big and that you are too insignificant

The world is big, yes. It’s huge actually, with 1.2 billion people alive and kicking it. But here’s a secret, most of these people care more about themselves than you could ever imagine. That one boy who said mean things about in 11th grade won’t remember you in two years, when he has to move on with life and realizes that life isn’t what he thought it was. That one teacher who embarrassed you in front of your class without meaning to, will not remember you by that moment, but by something bigger and more meaningful. She’s probably called out more people than the number of all your embarrassing moments put together.

You will remember you. Only you will remember all the ups and downs that you’ve faced. Your mom’s hugs, the taste those samosas on the corner of the road that you eat with your friends way too often, that feeling you get just before you see your grades and you know you’re fucked. No one will remember your life better and more vividly than you.

Stop worrying so much about how you fit in or don’t fit in. There are people who admire you, who are too scared to tell you. There are people who envy you, who hide behind walls of insecurity and harsh words. There’s too much not said for you to live your life making assumptions.

While no one will remember your life like you do, you will make an impact in others lives with everything that you do.  You will remember that boy who was mean to you in 11th grade, and he will remain as such in your memory for years to come. That teacher may remember you for that one question you asked at the very end of that one class, for which she had to spend two nights to figure the answer that would satisfy you.

So, be a nice friend. Help a stranger out. Smile at someone who looks like they’re having a bad day.

You might not be an important person but the little things you do, can be important moments in other people’s lives, that they will remember for years.

You can create ripples that go far, so don’t underestimate the power that you have. Be aware of what you do and what you say because YOU can make an impact you would have never dreamed of.

I’m an insignificant teenager in the huge world who’s trying to use her power to make a difference in your life. You’re not as small as you think you are.


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